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Jan Landy: Thinking Out Loud

Jan Landy Thinking Out Loud - An ongoing semi-comedy series in 5 minute increments about life as seen through the eyes of Jan Landy (which happens to be me)

Nov 12, 2020

Wednesday 11/11/2020 SoundBroker's Mastermind RoundTable was proud and happy to have welcomed as our featured panelist, tour manager extraordinaire Marty Hom (Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand, Fleetwood Mac) in our ongoing robust discussion/Q&A with industry leaders on the latest news, how to generate income, business strategies, and tips on how to survive and thrive in these "Covid 19 Times" so that you will be here when things get better.

SoundBroker's Mastermind Support RoundTable streams live Wednesdays at 3PM (GMT-8) to FaceBook, YouTube, and Zoom. You make it happen, make it happen by adding your voice to our ongoing MasterMind. - Jan 702-736-3003 x 0 - (11/11/2020, 8:25 PM PST (GMT-8))