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Jan Landy: Thinking Out Loud

Jan Landy Thinking Out Loud - An ongoing semi-comedy series in 5 minute increments about life as seen through the eyes of Jan Landy (which happens to be me)

Dec 29, 2023

Thinking Out Loud w/Friends # 188 - Join your host Jan Landy and his amazingly knowledgeable panel of friends for an entertaining robust discussion offering opinions on current events and life in general.

Good For A Few Laughs And More Satisfying Than Seeing A Therapist while sharing your opinions and learning about what is happening in our world and how it affects us.

Join the panel and offer your opinion with us on Zoom every Wednesday at 5 PM  - Pacific (UTC-7)/ 8 PM EDT  
Meeting summary for Thinking Out Loud w/Friends (12/28/2023)

The team had a casual conversation about various topics, including personal experiences, the music industry, and technology. They also discussed technical issues and shared insights about the evolution of sound engineering and the impact of technology on different industries. No decisions or next steps were made during the meeting.

Technical Issue and Prime Video Change Discussion about an upcoming change to the Prime Video experience, where limited advertisements will be introduced to allow for increased investment in content.

Casual Team Discussion With Personal Anecdotes

Pop Culture Discussion: Mickey Mouse and Muppets
The team engaged in a casual discussion about pop culture, sharing personal experiences and trivia. The conversation revolved around the Mickey Mouse logo, with SoundBroker-Jan highlighting its upcoming entry into the public domain. The team also shared thoughts about various TV shows and cartoons, with a focus on the Bob Newhart show and the Muppets. Curt expressed interest in checking out a YouTube video about a music festival featuring the Muppets.

Reminiscing 60s, 70s, and 80s Memories

The group had a casual conversation about their personal experiences, with a focus on the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. They shared memories about old TV shows and cartoons, their recent Christmas activities, and recommended Netflix movies. SoundBroker-Jan shared their memories of living in Hollywood during this period, specifically at the Whitley Terrace House.

SoundBroker's Rock and Roll Journey

SoundBroker-Jan shared their experiences working in the rock and roll business, including their work for RSO Records and Bearsville Records, and their interactions with renowned musicians. They recounted their involvement in the burgeoning LA music scene during the 1960s, 70s, and 1980s. The discussion highlighted the challenges and uncertainties of the music industry, such as band breakups caused by internal conflicts or external issues.

The conversation also highlighted the creation of the song "Physical" by Olivia Newton John and the conflict surrounding the writing and publishing credits. Later, Christopher introduced his friend Curtis Matthewson, and they shared memories of their social connections and experiences in the music industry. Towards the end, SoundBroker-Jan shared that he owns one of the original jackets worn by John Travolta in the movie Grease.

Sound Engineering's Evolution and Challenges

The team's discussion was a mix of personal experiences and technical conversations. They shared memories about the Grateful Dead's "Wall of Sound" and its impact on sound engineering, with Curt providing insights into its design and challenges. The team also discussed their experiences with transitioning from analog to digital sound consoles, with mixed opinions on the quality and convenience of digital systems. 

Analog vs Digital Audio Console Debate - The team discussed the use of audio consoles and preamps, focusing on the comparison between analog and digital equipment. Most team members expressed a preference for analog, emphasizing its unique sound quality and its suitability for specific contexts. However, they acknowledged the benefits of digital, such as recall and consistency. The conversation concluded without a clear decision or next steps, indicating that the issue is still under discussion.

Technology's Impact on Industries and Music Evolution