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Jan Landy: Thinking Out Loud

Jan Landy Thinking Out Loud - An ongoing semi-comedy series in 5 minute increments about life as seen through the eyes of Jan Landy (which happens to be me)

Mar 2, 2023

Our Current Events Show # 145 - Presented by and hosted by Jan Landy.  An entertaining robust discussion offering opinions on current events. 

Offer your opinion every Wednesday at 5 PM - Pacific (UTC-8)/ 8 PM EDT 

It's more satisfying than seeing a therapist and it gives you a chance to laugh while learning about the latest of what is happening in our world and how it affects us. 

Topics Discussed Today: 

The most common colour seen in the Northern Lights is green. When the solar wind hits millions of oxygen atoms in the Earth's atmosphere at the same time, it excites the oxygen atoms for a time and then they decay back to their original state, when they emit the green hue we can see from the ground.

“Terms of Service; Didn't Read” (short: ToS;DR) is a project started in June 2012 to help fix the “biggest lie on the web”: almost no one really reads the terms of service we agree to all the time.

LiveNation reported Q4 revenue of nearly $4.3 billion, 48 percent higher than Q4 2019, the standard comparison in the wake of COVID. That counts as a beat for LYV; consensus expectation was $3.61 billion. Twelve month revenue was nearly $16.7 billion. That’s up 45 percent against 2019.

What’s in Live Nation’s FAIR Ticketing Act Proposal? - Fans & Artists Insisting on Reforms in Ticketing - Live Nation’s push for ticketing reform -

FORMULA 1 LAS VEGAS $5M PACKAGE - Those willing to shell out $5 million for the package will receive five nights in the Nobu Sky Villa at Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace, which the company says has “sweeping views of the racetrack” and sits “in the heart of the Grand Prix straight away.

Resorts World packages start at $35,000 and include a suite, grandstand tickets, transportation to and from Reid Airport as well as food, beverage and Zouk nightclub credits. There is a 10% discount if booked before Dec. 29. Call (702) 676-7388 for more information.

Newcomb's Ranch is a roadhouse is very popular with motorcyclists and it's called "the informal headquarters for riders" by the Los Angeles Magazine. Jay Leno was a "frequent visitor" to Newcomb's. Closed in 2009 for the Station Fire and after discussing remodeling plans The ranch was closed in March 2020 and put up for sale in June 2021.[12] As of January 2023, the ranch is still closed and up for sale.