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Jan Landy: Thinking Out Loud

Jan Landy Thinking Out Loud - An ongoing semi-comedy series in 5 minute increments about life as seen through the eyes of Jan Landy (which happens to be me)

Sep 4, 2020

This week Brad Nelms National Director Of #WeMakeEvents N.A. will give us an update and answer your questions about the #RedAlert, #WeMakeEvents, etc......

SoundBroker's Mastermind RoundTable meets every Wednesday at 3PM PDT (GMT-7) featuring a robust discussion and tips on how to survive and thrive in these "Covid 19 Times" so that you will be here until things get better, generate income, business strategies, and general discussions with industry leaders.

As a group we will discuss PPP, PPE, Current Events including the city of Leipzig, Germany Concerts, and where ever that takes us.  What's going on in Congress and we will update you on the latest news.

The last few weeks we have had an amazing show of support and over 50 of your peers on the panel which featured Joe Lamond (CEO/Pres of NAMM), Michael Strickland (Bandit Lites), Terry Lowe (PSLN, FOH), Ken Porter (Spectrum), Jack Boessneck (Clair/Eighth Day), David Schierman (Concert Sound Consultants), Ken Newman (FOH, Barry Manilow), Raul Gonzalez (Harman), Doug Kocsis (DK Capital), Dave Rat (Rat Sound), Chip Self (Logic Systems), Jason Alt (Delicate), Christopher Carlton (Carlton Audio), Tom Sorce (Lord Of the Rings Tour), Doug Armstrong (Touring Video) and too many more to mention but if you show up, I might just squeeze your name in.

I am proud to say that we have had over 7,000+ views of the show on social media and podcasts.

Remember you make it happen, make it happen. Looking forward to having you as a part of our MasterMind.

Thank you for making it happen!! Looking forward to you adding your voice to our ongoing conversation.