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Jan Landy: Thinking Out Loud

Jan Landy Thinking Out Loud - An ongoing semi-comedy series in 5 minute increments about life as seen through the eyes of Jan Landy (which happens to be me)

Jan 4, 2024

The team discussed a variety of topics, from personal health experiences and upcoming events to technical issues and potential business opportunities. They also shared their experiences with different mixer apps and control systems. The conversation shifted to societal concerns, including the growing violence in Las Vegas and Tampa Bay. Towards the end, they discussed the importance of networking events and the benefits of seeking professional medical advice.

Holiday Activities, and AI Report: The meeting included informal conversations about various subjects, with David sharing about their holiday activities. Towards the end, David expressed appreciation for an AI report on their previous meeting.

AI Summarization, Technical Issues, and Mixer Apps: The team discussed the capabilities of a new AI technology for summarizing meetings, highlighting its unique features and challenges, such as legal actions and technical resistance from various companies. They emphasized the importance of context in AI language models. Additionally, they discussed their experiences with different mixer apps and control systems, with Gregory suggesting the use of MixStation. 

Sound Systems: The meeting was informal in nature, with participants sharing their personal experiences and observations.  The conversation shifted to the technical aspects of sound systems, with a focus on subwoofers and Clair Brothers' subharmonics. 

NFL Experience, Las Vegas, and Societal Concerns: The team discussed the NFL Experience construction in Las Vegas for the upcoming Super Bowl, clarifying its location at the Mandalay Convention Center. The conversation also touched on the potential of Las Vegas attracting an NBA franchise, with the Golden State Warriors being a possible target. 

Compact VPN Router and NAM Show Discussion: Jan introduced a compact modem or router that can establish a personal VPN when connected to hotel Wi-Fi, ensuring secure use of personal devices while traveling. 

The possibility of attending the upcoming NAM show in Anaheim was brought up, Gregory and Curt had a discussion about a demonstration involving Meyer Soundlabs Panther systems.

The meeting discussed the gear and equipment in the audio industry, with proposals to reach out to manufacturer representatives for more information. A new wireless system from Sound Devices was mentioned, along with the influence of major players like Shure and Sennheiser.

The conversation also touched on changes in streaming services, including the increasing cost and ads, and the potential for new companies to enter the market. 

The meeting involved discussions about an upcoming event at the Anaheim Convention Center, the NAMM Show.

There was a discussion about the high cost of certain products, specifically the Wave Server. The participants discussed possible strategies for promoting their products at a show. The conversation also touched on the upcoming CES event.

The topic then shifted to a concern about the potential release of names associated with Jeffrey Epstein, which was met with mixed reactions from the participants.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures Discussed: The meeting focused on emergency evacuation procedures during a plane crash, highlighting the efficiency of the Major Jetliner's design to evacuate everyone within 90 seconds. The discussion emphasized the importance of not grabbing personal belongings during an emergency evacuation and the role of automated systems in emergencies. 

Security and Travel Tips in TSA and Airlines: The team discussed the TSA's experimentation with self-screening, with concerns raised about the potential for misuse, particularly with carry-on items. The conversation also touched on the use of biometrics for immigration control and the benefits of Clear for expedited security checks. The team shared travel tips, such as the usefulness of Priority Pass for lounge access and the best airports to fly out of. 

The team discussed a possible gathering at Pernelli's.  Ken Porter, Spectrum Sound was congratulated for being named sound company of the year, which was met with approval. The team had a discussion about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, with Gregory sharing their appreciation for Robert Plant's performance. 

Thinking Out Loud w/Friends # 189 - Join your host Jan Landy and his amazingly knowledgeable panel of friends for an entertaining robust discussion offering opinions on current events and life in general. 

Good For A Few Laughs And More Satisfying Than Seeing A Therapist while sharing your opinions and learning about what is happening in our world and how it affects us.