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Jan Landy: Thinking Out Loud

Jan Landy Thinking Out Loud - An ongoing semi-comedy series in 5 minute increments about life as seen through the eyes of Jan Landy (which happens to be me)

Jul 9, 2017

On May 27, 2017 I attended a Fundraiser for the NPHY.ORG at Foundation Room, Las Vegas.  I took a lot of photos and some video and finally while on a working vacation here is Rio, I finally had the time to edit them and post them.  The event was a lot of fun and I met the girls. 

Featuring the women that appeared on the tv show the Batchelor on ABC TV.

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth helps thousands of homeless teens through programs that stabilize their lives, meet their immediate needs and provide a safe, supportive environment and a path to self-sufficiency.

Shot with an iPhone 7Plus.